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Work From Home: Tools That Will Make You Stand Out

So you want to stand out and learn the most popular apps that most online companies use today. We’ve come up with our top picks of tools you should know about – guaranteed to blow the competition out of the water!


Yes, tools. But not those tools.



Productivity apps vary depending on what your goals are, but they pretty much do the same thing – these tools are used to help you save time and work efficiently.

  • For documents, spreadsheets and presentations: check out Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. These tools are the online version of the Microsoft Office suite we learned to love (or hate).

  • For file storage: you can use Google Drive or Dropbox. These are also great tools to conveniently share files across team members.

  • For security: Lastpass is a great way to share your credentials without having to expose your embarrassing passwords.

  • For project and task management: A quick search of “project management apps” will give you a dozen or so software companies, so we’ll just be a bit lazy and name a few that stand out. Asana is great if you are looking for a straightforward management tool that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of visualizing your project as lists or boards. Trello is probably one of those project management tools that has barely changed over the past few years, offering a kanban view of your project. If you want to bring a gun to a knife fight, check out Bitrix24. It is a massive productivity platform that has a built in CRM, HR, bookkeeping and timekeeping capabilities (to name a few). A bit overkill if you ask us.




Understanding how these communication apps work is a great way to impress, as these are probably the first few you’ll be installing when you decide to work from home.

  • For office chatter and messaging: Microsoft Teams is the most popular and widely used communication platform, partly due to the fact that it seamlessly works with their productivity suite, Office 365 and because of the recent announcement of Skype for Business’ integration into Teams. Slack is another app that is probably the easiest to start with because of how easy it is to set up.

  • For meetings and video conferencing: Companies that have an existing G Suite account can use Google Meet – a quick and easy way to create and join video calls with screen-sharing capabilities. Zoom is another way to join meetings with their web client, but with limited features than their desktop application.


Content Management


When it comes to creating content, nothing beats having these content management systems under your belt.

  • For creating blog content: WordPress is the most popular platform not only for creating content, but for full-fledged e-commerce websites. Having a very active marketplace of programmers that develop plugins and themes has been one of the reasons for its market dominance. Website builders such as Wix and Squarespace utilize a simple interface that allows people without coding experience to create and deploy content and websites fast.




E-commerce has been around since introducing the internet for commercial use and has been the standard of trade online ever since.

  • For online shopping: Shopify is a great platform for adding product listings, completing customer orders and stock inventory. If you are familiar with WordPress, they have a popular plugin called Woocommerce that does the same thing. Shipstation is an e-commerce fulfillment software that integrates with both Shopify and Woocommerce that help ship and track customer orders online.


Customer Service and Sales


Customer Service and Sales are the most popular services to outsource because of the high demand from companies to provide support to their customers worldwide.

  • For customer engagement and support: Similar to productivity apps, there are dozens of customer support tools available online. Gorgias is an awesome support tool for online stores that seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Woocommerce and a dozen other apps. Zendesk is also a great tool for front line reps with their support, guide, chat and talk suite.

  • For converting leads to customers: Salesforce and Hubspot are tools that allow you to create and customize your sales funnel and keep track of customer information across all your interactions.


We’ve covered a lot of ground with these awesome apps – but don’t get discouraged if you have no clue what these things do. To get started, we suggest you take the time to explore the free or trial versions and read through their help pages – They are a great resource for anyone starting out!